Virtual Kaiju 3D

Virtual Kaiju 3D

Kaiju is a Japanese word that means enormous beast (the most famous Kaiju being Godzilla). Can you imagine putting yourself in the shoes of a Kaiju… in 3D virtual reality?

Developed in Unity for mobile devices, Virtual Kaiju 3D benefits from the new low-cost technology of virtual reality to offer you a completely immersive experience without more accessories to your mobile phone and virtual reality Google Cardboard visor.

In this evolution of a first-person shooter you will be a Kaiju which you will control from its point of view with the movements of your own body. Everytime you shout (yes, really, you shout) the Kaiju will spew fire. Use this fire to take down helicopters and move yourself throughout the city to destroy its buildings. Everything, of course, is in magnificent 3D.

To completely enjoy this game you will need a Cardboard visor in which you will insert your smartphone with the game. You can make it yourself with very little money by following the instructions here:, but if you don’t want to be hypnotized with 3D, Virtual Kaiju also includes a 2D game mode for which you will not need the visor.



Publisher: DevilishGames
Date: 2014