About DevilishGames

est. 1998

DevilishGames (Spherical Pixel S.L.) is a company located in Villena (Alicante) with more than 25 years of experience in the creation of games for different platforms. The business has created more than 150 video games winning over more than a 100 million players from all over the world.

Actually, the company has two different lines of business. On one hand, educational and advertising games developed on demand through the brand Spherical Pixel and, on the other hand, indie games developed under the umbrella of the brand DevilishGames and published through digital platforms such as Google Play, App Store, Steam, Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store or Microsoft Store.

The company has worked with clients, sponsors, and publishers such as BBC, MTV Networks, Spil Games, the spanish National Professional Football League, Tuenti, Movistar, Famosa, Basket Euroleague, Havas Media, Big Fish Games, King or Armor Games.

DevilishGames contains a young team with ample experience in multimedia and digital art development, having an objective to create original, artistic products with a personality to make them reach the greatest number of people possible.

Throughout its development, the company has recieved the following prizes and awards:

  • “DeVuego Award 2023” to the “Best Communication” for “Minabo – A walk through life”.
  • “DeVuego Award 2023” to the “Best Arcade/Casual game” for “Minabo – A walk through life”.
  • “SAGA Award 2023” to the “Videogame with the greatest social impact” for “Minabo – A walk through life”.
  • “Berlanga Award 2023” to the “Best Videogame” for “Minabo – A walk through life”.
  • “Valencia Indie Award 2023” to the “Best Game in Development” for “Minabo – A walk through life”.
  • ENDIES 2022 – ESNE Expert” award 2022″ for “Minabo – A walk through life”.
  • Digital Jove 2022 Future of Entertainment” award.
  • “DeVuego Award 2021” to the “Most awaited game” for “Minabo – A walk through life”.
  • “Audiovisual Valenciano 2019” award to the “Best Videogame” for “Path to Mnemosyne”.
  • “Agripina 2015” award in the advergaming category for “Famosa Town”.
  • “Alce 2015” award to the best mobile app for “Famosa Town”.
  • “MiCe Alacant 2015” award to the company with corporate social responsibility related to education and/or audiovisual.
  • “Alce 2014” award to the best mobile app for the advergaming campaign “Mutant Busters”.
  • “GeoPalz iOS game development contest 2013” second prize  for “Chute Academy”.
  • “Indie Developer Burger Awards 2012” for “Furfur and Nublo 2”.
  • “Desarrollador_ES 2011” award to the “Best Web Browser game” for “Furfur and Nublo”.
  • “Desarrollador_ES 2010” award to the “Best Development Company”.
  • “Tirant Avant 2010” award to the “Best game made in Comunidad Valenciana” for “The Galactic Melody Catcher”.
  • “Desarrollador_ES 2008” award to the “Best Web Browser Game” for “Magic Tiles Adventure”.
  • “Desarrollador_ES 2006” award to innovation for “Sonoro TV”.
  • “ArtFutura/Sony PlayStation 2006” award to the “Best Design” for “Popochi”.
  • “ArtFutura/Sony PlayStation 2005” award to the “Best Art” for “Prieto: Escapando de la oscuridad”.
  • “ArtFutura/Sony PlayStation 2004” award to the “Best Concept” for “Sonoro TV”.
  • “ArtFutura/Sony PlayStation 2004” special award of the Jury for “Sonoro TV”.
  • “ArtFutura/Sony PlayStation 2003” special award of the Jury for “Nuts & Scrap”.
  • “ArtFutura/Sony PlayStation 2002” special award of the Jury for “Devil by Mistake”.

Some say about us...

  • "Established company with a long history on their backs."
  • "A team widely recognised with lots of awards."
  • "Devilishgames, pioneers in the video games market."
    Diario Información
  • "DevilishGames reinvents video games."
    El Mundo
  • "DevilishGames, long time known for developing games for major brands in the spanish video game market."
  • "Veterans of indie game development."