Wait for the right moment and make the ball fall through the intricate columns. Does it seem easy for you? It isn’t! Behind its apparent simplicity, Kolumno hides really demanding and fun game mechanics.

Kolumno, as other puzzle games requires intelligence, planification and patience; but the challenge doesn’t stop there. The game will also test your reflexes with puzzles that will require you to use special abilities such as: stopping yourself mid-air, falling faster, making yourself smaller or breaking the rings that make up the columns.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by its minimalistic style and its relaxing soundtrack, Kolumno is one of the most elegant and challenging games in recent time.


  • 4 different items that expand the complexity of the puzzles.
  • 75 levels full of challenges.
  • Elegant graphic and sound styles.
  • Easy to start, hard to master.

Publisher: DevilishGames (PC, iOS, Android) - Flynn's arcade (Nintendo Switch)
Date: 2018