King Lucas will release on Nintendo Switch on February 21st

King Lucas will release on Nintendo Switch on February 21st
4 February, 2020 DevilishGames

Three years after it was launched on PC, where it has sold more than 40.000 units, DevilishGames’ King Lucas is preparing its landing on Nintendo Switch, thanks to the port made by Hidden Trap and Noobology.

King Lucas is a platformer game with touches of adventure and metroidvania. Inspired by the 8 and 16 bits classics, the player will have to fulfil the missions ordered by King Lucas and the curious inhabitants of Sausan’s castle. Initially, the castle is made up of a few rooms, but throughout the game, it grows to a size of over 1000 rooms.


  • Get money and buy upgrades such us compasses and crystal balls, more weapons such us magical sticks and swords, or harder shields to protect yourself from the giant spiders, the armored rats, the piranhas and the many other haunted beings in the castle.
  • Talk and interact with a lot of NPCs who will play different funny and unexpected roles through your quest (yes, there’s some hidden story underneath the arcade!).
  • Enjoy classic mechanics with a renewed graphic aspect that will delight the 80s and 90s adventure platform game lovers.

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